I don't get the connection.

Lowell was a native of Boston with deep roots in the community.

Where are we going to go?

Did Beckie sign that confession voluntarily?


Organic kiwi fruit. Feel free to help yourself.

The top execs are gathering for a power breakfast.

As soon as Judith laid eyes on Courtney, he knew she was the one for him.

I think she's been crying.

Please tell me where the marketplace is.

No, you don't.

He started taking salsa lessons.

Hopefully, Marty won't notice anything.

What is his shoe size?

She's watching me.

A true gentleman never betrays his friends.

He asked me for help.

You won?

We only had one opportunity.

He's a man who doesn't make mistakes.

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I'm near the train station.

Sir will be back in thirty minutes.

Belinda seems to know his stuff.

He was eventually sentenced to five years in prison for that violent crime.

It's not bothering anyone.

We should hurry.

I started doing this work 4 years ago.

He got into bed.

I'll support you as long as I live.

I was perfectly happy being by myself.

Neal doesn't want to disappoint his parents.

Where do I go now?

After conferring for several hours, they made the agreements public.


Do not fool him.

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What fruit do you like the best?

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I'll make sure it gets fixed.

Never have I read such a dull book.

I am an honest person.


Linley worked very hard today.

They went out after they finished lunch.

I really do wish you'd help us.


Root is from Boston, isn't he?

Kimberly always tries to blame someone else for his failures.

I walk to the park.

Blaine is dying to see you.

I've got to tell Herman what's going on.

I don't get along with that guy.

As I heard the waves rushing along the side of the ship, and roaring in my very ear, it seemed as if Death were raging around this floating prison, seeking for his prey.

She had an abortion.

With whom are you eating lunch?

Are they coming back tonight?

I've never seen him so upset.

I'll do the same.

Lynne continued working.

Marty, the gang leader, announced an all-out war with all the rival gangs.

I'm really mad at them.

Howard spends all his time thinking about Francisco.

"I'm not angry. Look, see this smiling face?" "That's what they call a forced smile!"

Justin is sleeping in his car.

There is a kitchen garden behind my house.

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The building is one hundred meters high.

She has psychic abilities.

Rajesh held his hand out.

They that hide can find.

Of course you can take it if you want.

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Mom, I'm hungry.

He said what?!

Elwood makes more money than I do.


I often listened to him speak in English.

Don't mention this to her.

You look like you're really tired.

Statistics deals with collected numbers representing facts.

We went aboard the plane.

You just can't let things slip around this nonchalantly smart girl.

Tell me what you gave him.

My sister didn't own up to breaking the lamp, instead she made up some story about aliens coming to Earth with the objective of destroying every piece of yellow furniture.

My favorite subjects in high school were geometry and history.

She's the perfect housewife.

John made a book shelf.

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The restaurant is next door to the theater.

I tried to talk her out of it.

Lorien showed me the letter.

He robbed me of my purse.

Heather almost fell over the cliff.

I'm finally able to understand what's interesting about professional shogi.

Hartmann doesn't want to lose Charley.

He was deserted by his friends.

She was longing to hear from him.

The policemen beat the bushes all day to find a lost child.

Why did Maria say that?

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We're trying to make that happen.


I haven't seen her at all lately.

I don't believe in miracles.

It is said that his father is in hospital now.

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I became his friend.

Marlena doesn't play rugby.

In a fit of anger I punched the wall and broke my index finger.

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She wants to speak.

Shamim tried to avoid looking at Susanne.

Which do you like, Coca Cola or Pepsi?

Ya look nice in your kennel.

Why don't you take the day off?


Is there a post office anywhere around?

Gerald is going to law school.

Water is the essence of life.

That wasn't what I'd planned to do.

Turn around!

It usually happens very quickly.

You'll be OK here.

Their relationship really started gaining momentum.

You know it'll be fine.

Did you add a tablespoon of salt? The recipe called for just a teaspoon!

It sounds strange, but it is true none the less.

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Cathrin picked up the cards and began shuffling them.

Open your eyes, people!

Have you ever waited under the rain?

Kyung and only Toufic can do it.

It's not "gorilla rain", but "guerrilla rain"; do you understand?

This knife won't cut well.

We have a cat, and we all adore him.

Never let a drunk into your bathroom. He'll piss on everything.

Who would want you dead?

I want to be quiet after a day's hard work.

Elaine is quite creative, isn't he?


I know a good Mexican restaurant on Park Street.


Raphael did a lot of stupid things when he was young.


Do you want some coffee or something?

I will go to Athens.

She left the company after 20 years.


Neptune has winds in its atmosphere which blow at over 2000 kilometers per hour!


Your name stands first in the list.

I'm overdressed.

There is bad weather in the north.

I am not thirsty.

We haven't been there in a while.

I have to hurry. My flight leaves in an hour.

Thanks for the photo.

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Do you think we made the wrong decision?

I told Jane to calm down.

A bee is buzzing.


What've you done to him?


It is necessary that he see a doctor.

They are mostly polite.

She became famous after having written the screenplay for that movie.

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I got there in time for the train.

They acclaimed her Queen.

The next question is for her.

Get married close to home and go far away to steal.

I'd like a cup of tea, please.

Sanjeev was whistling in the dark to belie how terrified he was to be alone in the house which was rumoured to be haunted.

Just looking at a lemon makes one feel the sourness in one's mouth.

You're a wimp.

Jakob is an ignoramus.

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Can I be of any service to you?

We're finished already.

I have clearly asked for this list in writing.

Have you bought a raffle ticket yet?

The guy was so childish that he couldn't resist temptation.


Do you want to come in?

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What was your first impression?

There's only one problem with that.

I used to go horseback riding.

This is a rich girl

She's a bit jealous.

Hector wanted to stay home with Guy.

I persuaded him to be examined by the doctor.


You will be looking after Hubert from now on.

What is missing in this car?

Bradley is my inspiration.

Everybody was going about his business.

I saw him play tennis.