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Parental Intelligence

Empowering children’s parents with real-time access to smartphone activity,  while highlighting threats through apps and media.

The Problem

Do you know what your child is exposed to on his/her smartphone?

Cyber Bullying

Cyberbullying is a globally recognised issue taking place over various social network platforms these days. Typically seems to occur online through social media, messaging apps (e.g.: WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, etc’.), forums, gaming or other apps where children can communicate.

Online & In-App Purchasing

Online & In-App Purchasing is a rapidly growing problem amongst youngsters with smartphones. Various apps, games, online stores, other offers – combined with the extremely simple process  of completing a purchase on modern smartphones; Creates an almost impossible trap not to fall for. 

Pornography & Pedophilia

Smartphones are being put in the hands of children all over the world. The fact that they are all connected through network, creates a direct threat of exposure to both Pornographic content on the Internet, as well as countless platforms and methods in which pedophiles manage to contact children.

The Solution


Koala Parents

Koala analyzes every bit of data on your child’s smartphone  and detects inappropriate content, suspicious chats, conversations and even harmful voice recordings in every existing communications channel and alerts parents accordingly. Koala strives to prevent & simplify all parental intervention and action taking.

Koala Kids

Thanks to the versatility of our staff, involving anthropologists and psychologists, we have managed to establish unique features that perfectly fit today’s parents’ needs combining smart self-learning algorithms of artificial intelligence (Machine Learning / Image processing / Voice recognition).


Koala’s advanced technology,  allows parents to safely monitor all activities on their children’s smartphones. Our complex algorithms scan through all relevant smartphone activities and alert parents to potential threats & suspicious activity in real time.

Koala will highlight: inappropriate use of language, suspicious web browsing, bullying, public shaming, location based threats and many more!

Listed below are only a few of our features.


Monitor + detect suspicious activity through comments, likes, shares, posts and other social networking activities.


Detect harmful content through both Incoming & Outgoing messages, Voice Recordings, Voice and Video Calls.


Monitor + detect suspicious activity through comments and other instagram activities.


Monitor In-App Purchases in real time. This feature allows parents to monitor all purchases made through  Google Play Store accounts.


Monitor all watched videos and all content to which your child has been exposed to through YouTube


Child’s location in real time. Child’s entry/exit from Home or School / Last position before turning off the device / Entering dangerous area, and more!


Detect harmful content through both Incoming & Outgoing messages, Voice Recordings, Voice and Video Calls.

Usage Limiting

Monitor what occupies children on their smartphones. Also, gives the ability to limit the amount of time which could be spent using apps / games / etc’.

Activity Feed

A chronologically organized “Activity Feed” highlighting relevant, inappropriate, irregular and suspicious behavior on your child’s smartphone.

The koala activity feed will alert parents when one of the  following scenarios occur:

Use of foul language / Inappropriate web browsing / Contact from unrecognised source | number | identity /Departedarrived at home|school / activateddeactivated data services | location services |airplane mode / phone turned on-off / app installeddeleted / new contact added / low battery, and more.