Dori and Norman homeschool their daughters.

The giraffe is the tallest of all animals.

Follow that person.

I will tie a rope round your waist, so that I may be able to pull you up again when you call.


I would like to have my hair cut.


What other excuse could I have?


Maybe it's best not to add pepper.

Are you going to come visit me?

You're absolutely right about that.

Spring over the ground like a hunting hound.

You did it on purpose, didn't you?

What was that groan for?

People who are constantly copying others do it because they can't think for themselves.

Tomas doesn't like talking about politics.

He did not need man's testimony about man, for he knew what was in a man.

My son will take over the job.

Jane is beautiful and intelligent.

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The noise got on my nerves.

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After having read the economic white paper, I am beginning to see the light on our financial standing.

Shadow doesn't look very happy today.

I think something's wrong with her.


When Jane played horse with her father, she held on to him tightly.

How long have you been traveling?

Happening in a city, the accident would have caused a disaster.


How did you kill the cockroach?

He left the restaurant without paying.

Perhaps we shouldn't be doing this here.


What are you doing with your life?

I believe in my abilities.

The tyre is a little under-inflated.

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Our teacher says: "Of course you can."

I don't care whether she is beautiful or not!

What do you drink for breakfast? Tea or coffee?

Mosur told me that he was very hungry.

The lyrics are intentionally keyed in to the onscreen action at times.

It wouldn't hurt you to try not looking so glum all the time.

That should be kept between us.

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Cristina would probably have a heart attack.


When does Blayne get back?

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They sing.

Judge didn't wake up early this morning.

Shutoku is moving on.

Marcel took a big swig from the bottle.

I thought you might be curious.

We think it isn't fair.

Raman and Peter were friends, nothing more.

I feel like a pizza.

Lloyd promised to meet Graeme at the usual time and the usual place.


Grant didn't bring them.

Blayne refused to even listen to my suggestions.

Don't stumble over the rock.

They're doing their work at a snail's pace!

As of now, I refuse to get involved with any sort of drama. It's very childish and annoying to say the least.

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Please look for it.


A bold man has half the world.

We'll be there soon.

I don't know what Bea wants.

What did Sjaak talk about?

She said to her brother, "I will tell on you."


From now on, drinking in the workplace is prohibited.

The mistake was mine.

Let's have a moment of silence for all those who are stuck in traffic on their way to the gym to ride the stationary bicycle.


He is in the House.

I know you're talented.

They talked during the movie.


The man who lives next door to us is a famous actor.

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I tried to stop her.

You say that every time.

What will happen to her?


The man who is waving to me is my uncle.

You heard him, didn't you?

I didn't think this was your seat.

When I was a child, I would spend hours reading alone in my room.

He answered incorrectly.

The city hall is just around the corner.

Frankly, I don't like it.

Woody wished Sabrina liked him better.

They charged me for the broken window.

Much to his surprise, he found his dog dead.

The program admits of some improvement.

You're just the man I want to see.

She managed to run away under cover of darkness.


The first drawbacks concern the changing rooms and the gym equipment.

Timo always speaks in such a low voice that I can barely understand what he says.

He's only a couple of years younger than me.

He has a fever of 102 degrees.

Having worked with you was a real treat for me.

I don't know either twin.

And if so, what then?

He hit on a rare old book.

She agrees with me.

I think Samir is worried.

We managed to get through to each other.

Jerusalem is a city of tunnels and underpasses.

None of the flowers are made of plastic.


It's too late to change your mind now.

Luigi didn't wash his car.

He met an unexpected obstacle.

Let me make something clear.

Bernie made Rik some cookies.

It won't fly!

You gave it to me.

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I hope Thuan is OK.

From where are you?

I'll see what's keeping him.

Did you have your photograph taken for the driver's license?

I have a wife and kids.

Each of us has his own hobby.

I can try to forget, but I don't think I'll be able to.

Youth is always right. Those who follow the counsels of youth are wise.

What's the minimum salary in Sweden?

Stop trying to play me for a fool!

His failure has nothing to do with me.

God created the heaven and the earth.

Kay looked at the message.


I'm doing you a favor.

He solved the difficult problem easily.

I cannot stop thinking of the stolen money.


You should tell him what to do.

Cristina probably wants to eat some Chinese food.

You don't need to explain that.

Phiroze showed his stamp collection to Sangho.

The place was almost empty.


I would like to have a room of my own.

It made me feel sad and happy at the same time.

What exactly happened?

Anthony used to be irresponsible.

He sighed deeply and headed to the corridor.

She repeated over and over that she was innocent of the crime.

I cry almost every day.

I don't doubt your word, I doubt your ability.

We've been planning this for months.

I wish you could stay here longer.

Can't we just ask Eugene to go?

The man is intelligent and industrious.

What kind of tattoo do you want?


I don't want to be a burden to you.

You shall be my daughter's husband.

I could barely walk at that time.


I want to retire soon.

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He came to my office yesterday.

It is not so much money as fame that he wanted.

It looks incredible.

That was a total waste of time.

We are poor because we are honest.


Gunnar said he would visit Floria in Boston every weekend.


Can we go to your room?

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Everything chose to go wrong during his absence.

To prevent an invasion, the commander used to patrol the border at least twice a day.

She doesn't let me live!

What difference does it make?

The child flew for his life.


I wouldn't have done that in your place.

I want every single thing in this box.

It was a collaborative effort.

She's eleven years old.

The train left the station a few minutes ago.


Why don't you go see them?

Do we have a babysitter for tonight?

My watch may be advanced by one or two minutes.

I guess the battery must be dead.

It snows a lot in Hokkaido, doesn't it?


Happiness is real only when shared.

I didn't know the truth until this morning.

I tried to keep my teacher at a distance.