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  1. Receiving data from ESP8266 sensors

    Right, so last time I walked through how I have programmed and wired some ESP8266 microcontrollers to collect temperature, humidity and soil moisture data and beam that data to a specified address on the network.

    In this post, I'll walk through the code to run a server on something like …

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    I'm building environmental sensors using the ESP8266, a super cheap wifi-capable microcontroller that can run Micropython. This guide walks through writing driver code for the 8266 to collect data from a DHT and soil moisture sensor and beam it back over the network to a server applicaiton that …

  3. Hello, World!


    This is only the third time I've nuked and repaved my blog, but this time I promise it'll stay!

    I no longer have delusions of grandeur when it comes to blogs, but I'll merrily document my development efforts and activities with the illusion of being interesting for those who …

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