You are hurting me.

He went through a very hard time.

See you later, Pravin.

We're not exactly sure what we should be doing.

He abandoned his purpose.


For some reason the message text was corrupted, so I restored it before reading.

Hearing Russian makes me think of ice and cold.

Please leave him alone.

I didn't know you could dance.

He has been playing tennis since this morning.

An uncontrolled life leads to misery.

Have you listened to this TED talk?

Pascal tried to figure out what was going on.

What's your favorite Broadway musical?


I said it was all right.

They looked at the photo taken of me when I was a boy and laughed.

Fred is one of our top engineers.

Why do you always talk about Jitendra?

He gave an address to the nation on TV.

I live in a quiet neighborhood.

Karl became famous overnight.

I'll see that it never happens again.

This cap belongs to him.

You can't have it back.

Where are we?

Cliff and Ruth don't seem to be interested.

I told you that you should buy a new one.

I think we can make it.

I thought Micheal would be safe here.


I'd like to go riding.


We were starting to worry about you.

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Johann took a long warm bath.

The Icelandic government works on its own and doesn't care about the people.

I told you you didn't have to come in to work today.


I thought you had somewhere else to be.


Samuel wanted to become a lawyer.

Power? Money? Everything seems so ridiculous now!

I had fun while it lasted.

I'd feel better if you weren't going there alone.

You work here, don't you?

The dancers tripped lightly across the stage.

My brother named his cat Hanako.

His talent for dancing impressed everyone.

I don't want to go to work today.

Everyone laughed except for Lana.

I'm not going to let you spend your birthday alone.

Penny put on some rubber gloves so he wouldn't leave fingerprints.

Lying and stealing live next door to each other.


Please buy a tube of toothpaste.

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Translators do their best work when they translate into their mother tongue.

She was an athlete in high school.

There is very little probability of an agreement being reached.


I am touched by their kindness.

I'll never let Ronni do that again.

That's how I feel about them.

Here's a list of what we need to find.

He introduced me to all his friends.

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I need to talk to you about something personal.


Has Bob left the company for good this time?

Did you catch the train?!

It's probably going to rain.

She went to the hairdresser's to have her hair done.

Everett brought his dog over to Stephanie's house.

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May I touch these?


How long will it be to dinner?

I think you're attractive.

I'm really glad I got to meet you.

Her application for leave was refused.

What would you tell him?

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Just give them a second.

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You could've really hurt yourself.


You're welcome to join me if you want.

He gave me a nasty punch to the face.

I bought a tie for Dan and I'll buy a scarf for Elena.

You two have a lot in common.

The thief told the police he hadn't stolen anything.

Can you tell me why you like Liz?

The number of people who prefer to marry late is gradually rising.

He kept silent during the meal.

A lot of treasure was brought over to this country.

I decided to go.

Your work consists of true facts and new discoveries. The problem is that what is true is not new, and what is new is not true.


Have you returned?

Amigo has never been sick before.

Americans need a visa to travel to China.


He behaved in a strange manner.


This old man actually swam across the river.


She performed her daily duties without any passion.


Do you resent my being here?


Yesterday, I got a telegram from Ragnar.

That surprised them.

Go with them.


My career is on the line.


Ping was sitting alone in the dark waiting for Allen.

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Now my daughter is afraid of me.


He went to London a month ago.

Grant didn't say where he'd gone.

As far as I'm concerned, I will not approve of the plan.

A man with a big bank account can't be ugly at all.

Go and beat up that bully.


What flower is blue?

Give Brian a big hug for me!

How is your last name written?


Get up early.

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Which movie did you watch today?

That store closed in 2013.

The woman Argyle hoped to marry was the woman the man she hoped to marry hoped to marry.

Monsters. That's all you are.

I'd like a safety check on my car.

They shouldn't let children swim in that river.

We played chess not so much to enjoy the game as just to kill time.


You can park here.

Where's the dining room?

I didn't know where to get off the bus.

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Zeal for your house will consume me.

A bad habit is easily acquired.

Here's the reason that girls like cucumbers.


No, I'm not crazy.

I'm dying for that camera.

You might want to be a little more careful next time.


A dangerous criminal has escaped from the insane asylum.

He works at a restaurant in Japan.

The professor is noted for his study of Shakespeare.


It's a sin to say so.

Marion is a member of the SAS.

The dog house is outside.

Don't eat till the numbness wears off.

I knew you'd want to go with us.

He jumped off the roof.

I have spoken to you of earthy things.

Joanne left for home well over an hour ago.

I asked Tobias what happened.

I didn't want to be seen.

Correct the mistakes.

Please give me a glass of water.

Juliane is not jealous.

In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have gone there with her.

I can't remember the last time I did this.

I told you to come whenever it's convenient to you.

Don't blame me for your mistakes.


Kevin stirred his coffee with a spoon.


His jokes don't please all patients in the hospital.

I felt encouraged to hear what he said.

Will this change things?


The CEO of IBM is the spouse of someone present.


He's the Bach of today.

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Bonnie tasted seaweed for the first time and liked it.

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He waved me away.

Why do boys and girls like different toys?

I don't think we were invited to Kenton's party.

I just wanted someone who'd talk to me.

They won't help us.

Rogue looked toward the horizon.

I gave an answer that was way out in left field when the teacher caught me off-guard and called on me.

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Hienz secretly wants his country to be purged of all foreign elements and return to a time that he views as its "golden age."

I know about your feelings.

You need to get help, Trying.