She saw her former employer at a conference.

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Kimmo congratulated Raanan for her victory in the election.


I wish I had seen it before.

These substances are not poisonous in themselves.

There used to be an art museum in this neighborhood.

She's such a bubbly little girl.

Hon can't bear to think about it.


Most studies, however, have not focused on the influence Emmet's theory had on computer graphics.

He had gone to the airport to meet Mr West.

He told me that she might well burst into tears.

This CD costs $10.

See what I did!

I think it's a bad idea.

God wills it.

You can fellow me.

I received a letter from her.

I won't let her have you.

See to it that he does not go there.

You can hire a bicycle by the hour at this shop.

I won't go to Australia.

She looks bored.

My wrist hurts.

Rainer fanned himself with his notebook.

Where my mother born, it is located in the east of our country.

He gave a deafening cry.

Isn't that adorable?

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Teach those sentences.

I try to avoid using public restrooms.

What is there to understand?

You're not as clever as you think.

Pradeep and Jesus started screaming at each other.


Stacey comes to school by bus and train.

She invited her friends to dinner.

We had an agreement.

Ken and his little brother are very alike.

I saw her yesterday morning.

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There are many wild animals in this area.

I only ate one piece of cake.

She picked up conjunctivitis at the swimming pool.


Rodent wouldn't let me help him.

Imagine yourself to be on the moon.

He engaged a new secretary.

I thought Rolfe would enjoy the party.

Here's the wine list.

Loukas ate one of Deborah's cupcakes.

Margaret came here on his own.

We could get more.

We see a snow-capped mountain.

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I'm useless at French.

Let's get busy.

This stadium will hold 50,000 people.

He drank it in one gulp.

No taxi stopped.

The child captivates everyone with his sunny smile.

The files are in proper order.

I want to go to America someday.

Norma is working on it right now.

They would make a perfect couple.

What do you get if you cross a hedgehog and a snake? Five feet of barbed wire.

I'm younger than him.

Jinchao doesn't know anything about Jose's past.

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I'm sure your efforts will result in success.

Never give up.

I am shaving off my beard.

We weren't really expecting to find anything.

Meeting strangers is one of the pleasures of a trip.

Open the curtains and let the sunshine in.

I was born and raised in the Boston area.

That's a great poem.

It's so quiet.


King agreed to make a confession.

A turkey is a large bird whose flesh, when eaten on certain religious anniversaries, has the peculiar property of attesting piety and gratitude.

It must be bad.

"Nora doesn't love me." "Well, boohoo."

I told you I already have a girlfriend.

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Thierry seems extremely excited.

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She would often hear him grumbling to himself.

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It was just what Naoto wanted.

Can you explain that to me?

Wait here for a while.

Skef sold his car without hesitation.

I hope someone famous sings one of my songs.

Please excuse my being late.

Can I touch your boobs?

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Perhaps Shane knows who did it.

This book belongs to me.

Mario put the mop behind the door.


My first deed as Senator is designating you as the official jester.

Jos didn't really feel like going camping with John and Nate.

Juha's birthday is October 20th.

Axel was an accountant.

Do you know what you're doing?

I won't let them come in.

Do you really think it's bad?

The mother worried about her children.

No. I don't find that very funny.


Life is a web, with every strand connected to every other strand.

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Thanks! I'll see you soon!

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According to folktales, cats have nine lives.

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Children go to school to learn things.

The savage life is so simple, and our societies are such complex machinery!

Did you do your homework? The meeting is only two days away.

Let's attend to our work instead of talking.

Some people are gifted with the ability to iron out difficulties while others are born trouble makers.

Shakil's skull has been fractured.

Thus conscience does make cowards of us all.

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I have confidence in your ability to win.

Don't let him break the glasses.

While walking, I used to feel somewhat in a hurry.


I was at a loss for words.

Ken will ask Niall.

The shape of the roof looks like a pyramid.

Microplastics are microscopic particles of plastic debris that pollute the oceans.

He looks like he's drunk.

Soohong got his hair cut.

The truth finally came out at his trial.


That's why I gritted my teeth and went along.

He doesn't speak our language.

Write it up.


Your answer is to the point.

I agreed to take on the job realizing that I had no choice.

She's not my type.


Pravin said you'd phone me.

I'll meet them at the library.

The ship changed its course.

Even though Randolph had promised to pay, he stuck Adrian with the bill.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

The remark you made at the party about Lisa's weight was totally uncalled for.

I have a white cat.

I think I saw a ghost in the woods.

Listen to me carefully with your book closed.

He's pretty wise but too self-confident.

Last night, we heard sounds of gunshots and screaming on the street outside our window.

Micky agreed to meet Werner again.

I know where this is leading.

Listen to my advice. Get ready to go back.

If men knew all that women thought, they'd be a thousand times more daring.

Though he is old, he is still equal to the task.

I'll tell you when we get there.

I could not help laughing.

The prince fell in love with a woodcutter's daughter.

He has one son and two daughters.

He thought that there was no point in studying further in this field.


The rumor proved true.

Do you even know what sexism means?

He waited for her at the airport.


The sofa is comfortable.

I'm quite satisfied.

The fawn bolted from its hiding place.


Leave Fletcher alone or you'll regret it.


Please make your bed.

If only I could speak English as fluently as you.

Gerard lost his son early last year.


Diana is a strange kid.

How beautifully she sings!

Is Niall coming back tonight?

We cannot hope for success in life unless we are in good health.

I always think about it.


You love Lucius, don't you?

I hope all your beautiful dreams will come true.

I hope I didn't make too many errors.

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His biceps are very big.

I turned right on Wong street.

That's too long.

Angela promised me he'd be here by 2:30.

Do you prefer the blue one or the red one?

Of the three boys, Bill behaves most politely.

Takayuki wanted Vladimir to loan him some money.