I would do the same exact thing.

Klava forgives her husband.

I think Plastic wants more.

He had fallen in love with her.


I haven't swum in the ocean since I left Florida.


We cut down a cherry tree.


I found some dried salted beef.

Kathy doesn't need a coach.

In the parent's mind, a child grows but does not age.

Fever flushed his cheeks.

He wanted a bigger discount.


Andre wrung the chicken's neck.

There's another reason.

You have water running through your veins.

It is a fact often observed, that men have written good verses under the inspiration of passion, who cannot write well under other circumstances.

Did Trevor laugh?


They became inseparable after that party.


There are few volunteers here at the headquarters.

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He struck up friendships with the most unlikely people.

I'll let you know the results of the examination after they are announced.

Under no circumstances can you enter in here.

Wilmer is really unlucky, isn't he?

Christopher thinks Amanda will never come back to Boston.

My father was promoted to president.

Valentin is very warmhearted.

That's my favorite blue shirt.

A contract with that company is worth next to nothing.

I haven't talked to him yet.

What do we do about her?

He caught the traveler's diarrhea.

You're a worthy opponent.

Get back to work!

The company always strives to satisfy its customers.

Do you want to talk about this?

On the grammar of Esperanto Claude Piron noted "It's very rigorous and requires discipline -- let us just think about the n-ending -- but within the framework of that rigor it gives us so much freedom!"


It must have been an accident.

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I've always thought you knew how to speak French.

I interpreted his silence as consent.

Ross doesn't play golf so much anymore.

I can't even imagine that.

Vistlik has a beautiful smile.

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Give me some sugar, too.

Travis is confident and independent.

More than 90 percent of visits to a web page are from search engines.

Do you think Pascal told us the truth?

I need the screwdriver.


The tree breaks the wind.

Knute borrowed money from Betty.

Do you feel like going out for a drive in the country over the weekend?

Nothing is lost for asking.

That happened decades ago.

Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.

Ask Reid not to go there.


We haven't had those kinds of problems yet.


What are you apologizing for?

You'll get what you deserve.

Who can deal with this difficult situation?


Daniel and Walt shared an umbrella. However, it wasn't big enough and they both got wet.

That could work.

Perry doesn't have as many books as Mehrdad does.

I need a pencil.

It goes back, Personnel Officer Paula Grayson told us, to the way many employers used to pay their employees a hundred years ago.


Was that your plan?

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As a rule, hail falls in summer.

"Oh? Where's Keiko?" "She said that she has a teacher, parent and child meeting so she'll be late."

Are you important?

That's my pencil.

You must not say it.


I have a lot of regrets.

My uncle's brother's son got involved in a shady business and disgraced the family.

It's not what I meant to say.


I'd like to stand up.

I wouldn't want to go there with anybody except Malcolm.

We study according to the schedule.

He didn't want to disappoint his father.

We were just about to start eating.

In tennis and ping-pong backhand the hand is turned backwards in making the stroke.

You need a good home-cooked meal.

That didn't work.

Let's find out what we should be doing.


I thought rain was beginning to fall.

Jingbai likes hunting.

France is to the south of England.

Her dogs were running around the house.

Why is Chris scared?

It has dawned upon my mind that you are in the right.

The result of dividing the circumference of a circle by its diameter is equal to pi.

She's inquisitive by nature.

I see your book.

She went to the osteopathic clinic because of a bad back ache.

Andy Warhol was a very famous American artist.

Where did you dry them?

I revise my lessons almost every day.


It looks like you slept in your clothes last night.

Here, let me help you up.

Let's play chess.

Is there some other place you'd rather be?

Dirk decided to enlist in the army.


Winston is living in a small apartment on Park Street.

He is not strong as before.

I envied his new house.


I do believe that you are suspicious of me.

What's your theory?

He went to New York on Monday.

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She is too sincere; sometimes it hurts me.


Who are those for?

The public is entitled to information about how public money is spent.

Full of pure kerosene, that small lamp could be lit for several days.

Those notebooks are mine.

Let's do something together.

This is a violation of the law.

He dropped his wineglass and broke its stem.


We are leaving for Hawaii tonight.


It's a serious commitment.

I haven't learned much yet.

He left immediately.

Antonio is waiting with everyone else.

Nelken is just scared, that's all.


You're bad.

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That's another matter.

It is out of fashion.

She figured we had all gone insane.


Sherman looks pretty much ready.

It's a wholly new experience for me.

What's your dad's name?

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It's the best way to solve the problem.

He shall be punished.

I wasn't going to buy anything.

Impressive, isn't it?

His bravery is worth respecting.

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She avoids me.

Uri overheard Dwayne talking about him.

He disappeared suddenly under very mysterious circumstances.

Louis is busy.

She didn't say a word to me.


When you come back, I'll be gone.

I am so stoned.

What conclusions can be drawn from this?

I need a meet with Hans as soon as possible.

Don't talk to me because I'm no longer talking to you.


Was the Missouri Compromise legal?


Herman was wearing a cheerleader's uniform.


The police are asking everyone questions.

There are more ignorant people than wise people, and even in the wise people there is more ignorance then wisdom.

I think you should tell your parents that we're married.


He does well considering that he has no experience.

Who do you plan to spend Christmas with?

Love others as you love yourself!

You want to vote?

Micheal wished he could understand French.

Can't you tell us anything else?

I didn't go anywhere yesterday.

It's my picture, not yours.

I'm your best friend.

They overpowered Diana.

Sports is one of my favorite topics.

It feels really good.

The enemy of "good" is "better".

Martians have taken over the earth.

What'll happen?

Is it yours?

I'm not a mind reader. You need to tell me what you want.

How much does it cost to get a haircut nowadays?

It's pure escapism.