Shahid showed Toufic her wedding ring.

Don't wake him up.


Maybe it's not going to last.

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What's the largest city in Germany?

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I don't have any rooms for rent.

The baby often annoys the mother.

The ice is too thin to bear your weight.

We find ourselves in the twilight of our civilization.

Look for the key to this trunk, Anne.


That's the first good news I've heard all day.

They are wrestlers.

Don't do anything you wouldn't want somebody to catch you doing if you died while doing it.

Like most problems, this will eventually be solved, I think.

Craig called Starbuck back.

A strong wind is blowing and I can't go fast.

On a first date, it's best to steer clear of touchy subjects.


Rik said he didn't drink coffee.

Lynnette put his goggles back on.

You ought to have adopted his plan.

Jose won't be back for a few hours.

I'd like to eat.

Jane has read "Snow Country" before.

I received a letter from him to the effect that he could not accept my offer.

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Where was Anthony killed?

What's the minimum salary in the United Kingdom?

Margaret is fortunate.

Jorge is now thinking about it.

I hope we find him.

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Stand for a bit, okay?!

Try some of this.

Germany is the playfield of international intelligence agencies.

I wanna go out.

You can't fix it. You should buy a new one.

I just finished cleaning your place.

Betty killed Jane while she was singing.

They won't tell you the truth.

Toudaiji is the bigger of the two temples.

Have you finished talking?

He wants to keep a close eye on the rules.

You must make a clean breast of what you saw at that time.

Nanda was obviously wrong.

I can't imagine what you've been through.

I nearly got myself killed today.

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He never participates in any get-togethers.

Love conquers hate.

This wasn't my idea.


Someone gave Donne the wrong directions.


Wilson often runs errands for Kurt.

The cold weather lasted for three weeks.

Everything I've told you may not be accurate.

Do I need a shot?

We are running at the same time.


To translate a Czech text is very difficult.


He saw nothing.

I thought Miles had something to tell us.

Seen through a telescope, the planets take on a completely new appearance.

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If the car breaks down, we'll walk.


I need sugar.

She is second to none in her command of French.

You may not like what you find.

To find the answer to this question, I went to the city library.

I can tell I'm going to like you.

I wasn't the one who hired them.

Should that happen, what we would do then is run.


Theo certainly plays the harpsichord well.


She is a very beautiful woman.

Please tell her.

I hope you like chocolate cake.


She loves to run.


Either Cindie doesn't want to do it or he can't.

Pierette couldn't stand the pain.

A man can't escape his past.

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Ginny should definitely eat breakfast before he leaves.


A footballer, who had two cervical vertebrae broken in a tackle last week, may never walk again.


How many suicides do you think there are every year in Japan?

It's too cold for me.

Come out of there.

The family has been cursed with poor health.

Why are you always avoiding me?

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It won't be necessary, I think.

His sons are not properly brought up.

A permit is required.

Vern needs to get back home.

One of the girls started cheering.

If I owe a person money, and cannot pay him, and he threatens to put me in prison, another person can take the debt upon himself, and pay it for me.

I still keep in touch with Kenton.

Be silent in the library, boys.

I didn't get fired.


Don't you worry about me.

I aim to be a doctor when I grow up.

Hating others is foreign to her.

The dance had already started when I got there.

The supermarket opens at ten o'clock.

We paid cash.

At best we can only hope for a small profit.

The decision rests with him.

No sooner said than done.

We spent the major part of our holidays in the country.

I lent Raman a flashlight.

3-D movies are old hat.

I will follow her.


Don't answer that.


The tank is empty.

How early do I have to make a reservation to qualify for the discount?

It would be nice to go when is sunny.


A vegan is someone who is concerned about the welfare and continued existence of all living beings, and is NOT just someone who doesn't consume animal products.

I can't wait to go one day.

The doctor's quick arrival brought about her very speedy recovery.

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I don't want to wear a wig.

I'm betting it doesn't even exist.

I can't find my purse.


Wages and salary are pay received at regular times.

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They found out.

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Possibly she will not come.


This isn't like you.

Thanks to the development of aircraft, the world has become much smaller.

Can I please have the bill?

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Did Gideon ever mention a nurse named Claire Jackson?

Gretchen can talk.

I just found out that Sally is wealthy.

I know how to make an entrance.

I have a message for you from Helge.

You're taking a big risk.

I want to get better.

I don't attend more often, not because I'm not interested, but because I can't find the time.

The threats to this strategy are numerous.

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Your suggestion weighed heavily in this decision.


Roberta came back into the living room.

This is the book that I told you about.

I just told Nelken we're dating.

Nobody saw him do it.

One learns by experience.

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He travels long distances by plane.

Diana lost his driver's license.

You must view the matter from different angles.

Did Pratap come back?

Put that away.


The laborers were layed off for 3 weeks.

We'll see you get paid.

The governor cut the tape and opened the new bridge.

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I want you to drive to Boston.

Ask such questions that other people would answer with pleasure.

She needs time to relax.


How long does it take to get there by bus?


Klaus watched closely.


She could hardly keep from laughing when she saw the dress.

Horst paid off his debt.

She works all night.

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I think Sedovic is exaggerating a little.


No one but Stephanie handed in the report.

Countries differ in culture.

Timo is as talkative as ever.

You must take their ideas into account.

I'm not that much older than you are.

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I am young, too.

That's a great poem.

I don't think Ted will help us.