You aren't qualified to be the leader.

What did we do to each other?

Don't show this to Jacques.

I know several Canadians.

I loved Boston.

I don't like you like this.


I'm thinking of writing a book.

Doyle has been living in Boston since he graduated from college.

You could've been one of us.

Ken couldn't recall his name.

It's an excellent plan.

Murph is a hard worker.

Every word is important.


Tomas is confined to bed now.


Return to the ship.


I remember the first time I listened to this song.

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The original and the copy are easily distinguished.


You really need to call Lawrence.

Julius didn't call Manny from Boston.

Luke is Laurie's brother.

What are you fighting for?

Is that radio program still on the air?

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I go to the library at least once a week.

Even if it costs 10,000 yen, I must buy the dictionary.

I did not know that I have to do that.

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His biceps are very big.

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Nobody contacted me.


Marie isn't the marrying type.

I think Nicholas thinks I'm lying to him.

I saw you kissing her.


"As the ancient Hebrews three times each year convened in Jerusalem in order to enliven within them the love of the monotheist idea, so we every year convene in the capital city of Esperantism in order to enliven within us the love of the Esperantist idea. And this is the primary essence and the main goal of our congresses."

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Could I borrow a pen?

I think one of us ought to help Liza.

I'll do it, if you insist.

I joined a gym a few years back to lose weight.

He should have been an actor.

I'll try to be nicer to Jakob from now on.

Stewart is finding it hard to come to terms with Jaime's infidelity.

I wish I had one.

I told Alan you went home sick.

It'll be an interesting game.

You had better throw away leftovers.

All those suggestions were dismissed as hooey.

Thirdly, each team leader please report your progress.

He was one of the unsung heroes of the revolution.

Will you help me move this desk?


The doctor advised him to give up smoking.

Kamel handed Cindie the key.

Those who possess a good sense of humour are special people.

Excuse me, but this is my seat.

I attended a big Native American festival in Florida.

Donne can't afford to retire yet.

I told you to do it.

Alejandro attacked me.

The butcher was hacking cuts of meat from the steer carcass.

I was really quite stiff.

We made quite a team.

The two Frenchmen speak French and eat French bread.

The land could just be discerned through the mist.


I can't come up with a good idea.


What is the size of this district's greenery area ?

See you at Vicki's place.

Who cares what Hamilton did?

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He entered the room in his coat and hat.

After we had finished that, we ate lunch.

My father has gone out to buy postcard.

His cheeks were burning with shame.

A foreigner? And where are you from?


Mother makes soup for the child once again.


Work is more important.

I just can't drive all of these thoughts out of my head.

The most logical place to keep your spare tire is in the trunk of your car.


Just look in the mirror.

Douglas doesn't like coffee with sugar.

There's lots of people at the park.

I can do whatever I like.

Santa doesn't know I'm alive.

The contradiction is painfully obvious.

She couldn't convince him to accept a personal check.

You might want to take an afternoon nap.

These grapes don't taste good. Where have you bought them?

Mario'll reconsider.

I make it a rule to play tennis with him Sundays.


We're waiting for you to help us.

Juliet is somewhere here on the campus.

I'd like to be a graduate student through the test after graduation.

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Why can't you watch where you're going?

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I just talked to them.

Does your wife know German?

I got bad news from home today.

Ah, I've failed again!

She is going to have a baby.


I can't get this silly tune out of my head!

The soup is bubbling in the pot.

I had to show it to you!

She felt restless all day long.

Don't talk about him.

And even outside these nations, English is perhaps more widely used as a medium of international communication than any other language.

Murph has a smartwatch.

Where's the shovel?

This book belongs to me.

Sanche peeked around the corner.

The cheese is not the same color as quesillo.

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He has the advantage of a good education.

What's ours is ours.

Attention! This video may contain expletives and graphic violence. Its content may offend you.

I'll have to do that.

He was charmed against all evil.

It's true that a ghost appeared at my house.

But that's not all that happened.

The task was total agony.

I'm ready to throw in the towel.

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It's easy and fun.

They defended their homeland against the invaders.

Careless as she was, she could never pass an examination.

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Has Socorrito arrived yet?

I thought you might like this book.

I should've added more salt.

Can you think of any reason Jones would do that?

I still respect you.


Where the fuck are you thinking of going?

A new building is being built in front of my house.

We take a bath every day.

Skeeter's measurements are 36-24-36.

We must decide.

I'll risk it.

Wake me up at seven o'clock.

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My brother has a taste for music.


Greece was the cradle of western civilization.

The students protested against the unfair exam.

Let's find out what Sedat thinks.


I studied English, French and Chinese.


This is the first time I've ever got on a boat.

Chris risks falling behind in the science class.

Will you make every effort to come?

We must instill patriotism into the young people of today.

Several students came to the library.


You're psychic.

There is a half empty bottle of wine in the fridge.

Mann hasn't been busy for three days.


When I called on him, he was hard at work.

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Philanthropy is commendable, but it must not cause the philanthropist to overlook the circumstances of economic injustice which make philanthropy necessary.

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Kelvin and Urs were both talking at the same time.

You are always good for nothing.

Where did I put my keys?


I cannot drop Taninna here. There is a policeman.


Frances learnt that Mikey had left the school.

I'm in touch with her.

I'll be voting for Alvin.

Do you deny that?

Nothing bad ever happens to Hui.

I am also a citizen of Tokyo.

Brett shut the drawer.


You should cut down on the amount of fattening food that you eat.

Edith doesn't smoke.

Our car ran out of petrol after ten minutes.

I am suffering from a bad cold.

I caught one.

Apologizing is a great virtue.

Had you run all the way, you'd have got there in time.


That's just not very good.